#Smile 365

Smile 365 Project

January 23, 2017

We can't spend every day at the beach relaxin', tannin', or readin' a book, but we can find our own sunshine and bask in the moment of something good each day.  Start collecting smiles . . . because:

Life is short.  Smile while you still have teeth.

Smile big.
Laugh often.
Never take this life for granted.

Smiles are free, but they are worth a lot.

There is a very real power manifest in the person who can be positive, be grateful, and be generous of spirit regardless of challenges they are working through.  Try our project and see what impact the simple act of smiling can do - for you or someone lucky enough to cross your path.

Just dot down anything that makes you smile, LOL, or puts a grin on another's face.  Each month we will post our collectibles.  Start your magic today!

Sometimes I just look up, smile and say,

"I know that was you God!  Thank you!"


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