#Smile 365

February Smiles [Top Ten]

February 28, 2017

1.   Getting my tax info sent off to the accountant.
2.   When all the laundry is done, including the ironing.
3.   Trying a new recipe and my Mr. B likes it!!
4.   Lunch with friends.
5.   Baby smiles and laughs.
6.   A good massage.
7.   Watching my Mr. B and his best friend help each other in their yards.
8.   Phone calls with my kids that live far away.
9.   A really good steak.
10. Making lists.

1.   Our stunning flowering pear tree - always the first sign of spring.
2.   A clean, mopped floor - finally.
3.   The Bobby Bones show on morning radio.
4.   "Brave" Miss Carlie Jane, again.
5.   Gorgeous sunrises.
6.   LOL every night with Mr B and Frasier Crane.
7.   A completely dejunked and organized bedroom closet.
8.   Finally getting the right color of gray on the walls in the guest bathroom.
9.   Every day in the teachers lunchroom! 
10. Kristin and Danny's (lip sync) Love Songs through the Decades.


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