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Home CPR: Bedroom closet [update]

February 27, 2017

Last Saturday was another gray, cold day.  What better way than to spend it inside organizing your closet?  Maybe you're thinking, "Um, No . . . I'd rather read, take a nap or go see the Batman Lego movie!"  Roger that.  There are always choices, right?  But I was intentional and got'r done!  

We started the Clear the Clutter - live like you're moving - in February with the master bedroom/closet. Clothes first, then shelf storage.  I'm getting close up and personal, I know, but come on in.


Maybe this might look like an "after" picture because there are no piles on the floor?   Every inch of hanging and shelf space is full, but is it really maximized and is it all necessary?  Does it really matter what a master bedroom closet looks like?  We're the only ones who see it.  These are some things I think about . . . regularly.

  • The boxes on the top shelf are mementos and tax stuff.  Are they the ones we need to keep?  
  • I wanted a better solution to scarves and a few sweaters. 
  • Mr B's space was getting a little too gnarly for my sanity.  He's a neat fellow, but . . . 
  • Too many books and binders taking up space.
  • There is something scary growing in the "dark abyss" on the floor under my hanging pants. 


Of course I would love to have a custom closet built in, but it isn't close to the top of our want list and not even on our need list.  

Off to Target and Hobby Lobby to buy storage boxes.  Aren't plastic containers sufficient?  Boxes will work, too, as long as the entire shelves are filled.  (I'll post about the CPR universal law later.)    I personally don't like seeing the contents through clear containers because it makes me feel cluttered.  

The gray cubes now have our current tax info for seven years, and we each get one cube for any letters, cards, trinkets, etc.  Can you reduce your mementos down to a 13" cube?
Whew . . . Do you see the heavenly glow now in this organized room!

FOUND:  There was something far more frightening than dust bunnies under the clothes - INCHES of dust sitting in old shoes and lining the baseboards.  Eeek and Egads!  At first I was afraid to put my hand inside, but then wondered, "Can insects really live in such dust abundance?"  (No?  Why do we?)

I found these on the morning of my fourth-grade hiking trip.  Most comfortable shoes EVER!  I was thrilled over my new discovery!  Too bad one of the soles cracked in half part way through the hike.


I know Mr B thinks he knew what was what and where.  Sometimes it is better to take matters into your own hands and save the final decisions for later.  So as not to overwhelm the Mr, right?

All the hunting and fishing essentials have a place and are in it.  
There is even a cute green frog perched on the small green tote.

This has always been the toughest spot to walk by and not even my space.  
It's an organized mess for Mr B, so I treated it with delicacy.

(I was asked where the teeny tiny screw was to the knife that needed to be repaired.  Hmm . . . )

This picture is dark, but it shows where we put the family history books and binders.  

Everything left in our closet is now intentional.  It was sized down with the thought, "If we were moving, would we pack and take it?"  Keep that in mind when doing home CPR, and the decisions will become much more clear.  New vistas will open up.

What do you think?  Do have what it takes to be a Clutter Buster?

Thanks for stopping by!  I enjoy good company.


  1. Good job! I's amazing what a few little changes can make. What a breath f fresh air it brings to everything!

  2. Thank you :) Clearing the clutter really clears the mind, right?


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