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How to Hang a Sweater

February 18, 2017

How are you doing with your bedroom closet?  I'm working on the shelf area now.  There must be some unwritten Law of the Universe that says, "Every empty space must be filled."  Onward!

I've tried padded clothing hangers, the sloping velvety ones and I still end up having to press out the hanger humps from my sweaters when I want to wear them.  Sometimes I don't . . . and deftly arrange my hair so it covers them up.  Or just pull on my sweater in hopes my shoulders will fill in the pucker, which they don't.

Here's a quick tip:

Fold sweater in half and lay hanger thus.
Fold bottom half upward and through hanger.
Fold the sleeves back through the hanger.

You might be wondering if this takes too long.  Not really.  It opens up a new configuration of closet organization as well - more space underneath.  Try it, especially if your sweaters are hanging up all year long like mine.


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