Learning to Be Brave

March 25, 2017

Bailey asked us (me) to be BRAVE this month. She even suggested to me that one way I could be brave is by learning how to use this new gadget I have (computer).  Well, that is a work in progress and I don't really want to rush through it.  But I know I have to learn some of what it can do for me before it becomes obsolete.  Actually, I may beat it to that point.

What have I done lately that qualifies as being Intentionally Brave?  Really, not much.  Sure there are some things that make me nervous - like giving lessons to my 12 and 13 year old girls in church.  Those girls are smart and I need to stay on my toes if I hope to teach them anything.

I used to like to dance, but after one foot surgery and two knee surgeries, I feel like I have two left feet.  Come to think of it, maybe I do.  I better check on just what it was that foot doctor did.  But our girls were learning some line dances at church a couple of weeks ago and I am proud to say that I got up and did a little Electric Slide.  It felt kind of good.  Does that qualify, Bailey?

I am surrounded by examples of bravery.  Let me share one with you.  Some friends of mine have a son that was born with spina bifida.  He graduated from high school a couple of years ago.  In January he got sick.  They ended up in a hospital in Alabama where his doctors that have treated him for years are.  After maybe two surgeries and a couple of weeks, he got to come home.  After a couple of days at home, infection set in and he ended up in the hospital again, this time in Florida, because he had come home.   They spent another week or so in the Florida hospital and then he was sent back to Alabama.  Another surgery in Alabama, more time spent in the hospital trying to get better.

Seemed to be getting better and was released.  This time they went to another home they have about 3 hours away from here, because - while all this is happening with their son, they are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their second grandchild and planning their second daughter's wedding for June.

You probably guessed it, but he went downhill again.  He was transported by helicopter back to Alabama and needed surgery right away.  His parents had to give consent over the phone, as they were driving from Florida to Alabama.

As I write this, he is still in the hospital in Alabama.  His parents came to Florida for the weekend to welcome their new grandson.  They got to come home, because his grandmother and aunt were able to stay with him in the hospital.  Since the second week in January this young man has spent two nights in his own bed.  This whole family is such an example of bravery to me.  This young man, as he faces each surgery; his parents who are so loving and caring and would do anything for him; and the two sisters who never complain and help their parents by planning weddings and having babies and taking care of things at home.

So maybe my attempt to try line dancing doesn't measure up to that.  I just hope that if I have to be brave, I can do it with as much heart and dignity as my friends.

What's the word for April?  I'm afraid to ask.


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