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Whistle while your children work?

March 07, 2017

[Writing prompt:  Did you have chores growing up?  If so, what were they?]

I don't remember growing up . . . do I still have time to do that?

It was never a recollection of mine having a mother that prodded, pushed, or bribed me to do chores.  I was the youngest in the family.  Does that have any bearing on the subject?  My older sister and I shared a bedroom for many years, maybe she made the bed.

Okay, it's all coming back now, at least when I was a little older.  My room was always kept clean and orderly, but not in any OCD fashion, mind you.  On Saturdays, I cleaned the whole house -- bathrooms, vacuuming, dusting -- for $5.00.  After receiving my reward, I would promptly go downtown and buy a Nancy Drew book for $2.50.  

My mother repeatedly acknowledged my efforts by saying, "Whenever we had company coming, I would just tell you and you always knew what needed to be done."  She must have overlooked my slight attitude years when I would only vacuum the middle of the living room, not bothering with the perimeter.

She also pumped me up frequently with, "You make the best Angel Food cake . . . so much better than the ones at the grocery store."  I sure was fooled into thinking that was true, until I grew up (oh, so I guess I did!)  Positive reinforcement worked positively.

There were many times when I would get home from High School and would see a note on the kitchen counter asking me to make a dessert or help with dinner, and I would frown inside.  Well, maybe it showed on the outside, too.  Looking back through the eyes of a mother now, I give myself a knock up the side of the head for those feelings.  My mother started working when I started 1st grade to help with upcoming college expenses.  Five days a week -- nine to five.

How about you?  Did you work for moola . . . or get an allowance with the expectation that work around the home was a family affair?  There are plenty of chore charts on Pinterest with the intent to create responsible, organized kiddos.  Sometimes they seem over the top, and I wonder if they create more stress than produce a freshly scrubbed home and sparkly children.  It's true working mothers need some help.  

Balance is always the key.  You might consider this view, too:  Why my children don't have chores. 

Thanks for listening!  I enjoy good company.



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