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Fatherly Advice

March 13, 2017

What is some valuable advice your father gave you?

My father was a man of few words, so it wasn't hard to remember them.  Some of his remarks are still very clear in my memory, even to the point of remembering where they took place.  I was standing in the hall outside our bathroom and used the word "kill" in a sentence - you know, "I am going to kill her!"  He calmly, but firmly, told me to never use that word again like that.  I never did.  There was a period of time when I might have been a little sarcastic, and he said, "when you talk like that you remind me of (so-and-so)."  I zipped it up right after that.  

Because he was a respected member of our small community, I never wanted to disappoint him by my actions.  He would always say, "you do what you think is right", which usually worked.  I can't believe how obedient I was!  The couple of times I didn't do as he might want, I learned the lesson quickly and never repeated it.

His life of service was his legacy . . . Hard working cowboy, engineer, civic leader, state politician, and committed church member.  On those school survey forms from school, we never knew what to put down for his occupation.  He did his best in tending to the home fix-its, but admittedly, that didn't always turn out well.  It's called a "molly hogan" when you just make do with what you have, and we had plenty of those.

Some of his words to live by were . . . "If you want to know what the neighbors are saying, listen to their children." . . . "Situations alter cases." . . . "Time, patience, perseverance, precaution, and a little sweat oil will skin a porcupine!".  And of course, my sister always remembers, "How cums you always do that?"

Pretty handsome dude, isn't he?


  1. I've never seen that picture of Dad. What a gorgeous looking guy! No wonder Mom fell for him! Good j0b 0n Dad's sayings. One more is,"Remember who you are and what you represent" He also said " A Molly Hogan is to fix something that is gimshawed."

  2. Yes indeed! And thanks for the extras. There were plenty of things that were gimshawed. ;)

  3. Did you know that this handsome cowboy was my date for a Daddy/Daughter event at church? Because I fall right between you two girls, he was available when I needed him. What a fun guy!!!

  4. I didn't know that. He did love to dance! It caught my mother's attention. :)


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