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The "ROOM" behind closed doors

March 20, 2017

Am I the only person that has one of "those rooms?"  The door is always shut because, heaven forbid, people really find out that hoarders live in this house and have for nearly 25 years!  When my daughter moved and took the furniture that was in there, I thought, aha, now is my chance.  I'm going to get a home office/craft room/sewing room = I'm going to get MY ROOM!! Then something started to happen.

 It started out pretty good - see the computer desk with the computer monitor and the laptop computer.  There's the BIG file cabinet I brought from my old office.  But then, do you see the exercise machine?  It's not even a good coat rack.  Oh, the punch bowl - had to get it out of the attic for a wedding shower in October and then there was the Christmas party.  The box for the new printer - just can't throw it away, because I can't get the printer to work and I may have to take it back (but it's been a year).

 There is the book that tells me everything I need to know to use my new computer (but I still don't know what I'm doing).  Yes, that's a box of tap shoes.  I took tap dance lessons.  My teacher was 70 years old and used to dance on Broadway (honest, that's what she said).  I would practice on my tile floor at home, but it can be dangerous.  One weekend I was home alone and slipped.  I could have laid there for days, or at least until my husband came home from hunting.  Alas, my tap career was cut short because I had to have knee surgery - not because of my fall.

 Bought these cute little cubes because I thought it would make the room look more like a craft room and help me get organized.  Wrong on both counts.  The tall cabinet holds my husband's fishing gear in those little plastic boxes.  I stuffed some of my craft paper in some of the spots.

There's the TV on top of an old microwave cabinet.  And then there's all the stuff on the floor.  As my son used to say when I would ask him to pick things up in his room, "the floor is the biggest shelf in my room." 

These are the before pictures.  I took them to document what it used to look like.  This room was going to be transformed.  I wanted to take everything out and start over.  Then something else happened.  Are you ready for the AFTER pictures. . . 

There was a leak.  I walked in the room and the carpet was soaking wet.  We had to cut a hole in the wall to try to locate the leak.  

 Pulled up the carpet.

It was really, really, really wet.  Everything needed to come out.  This is about the time all those online decorators should say, "Let me design your room for you."  Hello, can anyone hear me?  Okay, I'm on my own.  You'll have to stay tuned for what happens next.

Thanks for stopping by!  Did you bring your work gloves?  I enjoy good company.


  1. Oh my, what a project! You're not alone though - I'm still waiting for my room to become available for my "she cave". I thought cubes would be cute for crafts, too. Good to know :)

  2. The cubes ended up being drawers where I could hide things. Being the organized person that you are, they may work perfect for you.


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