Learning to be Wise

April 25, 2017

I don't know about you, but I have learned a thing or two for April's challenge to Be Wise.  We know that wisdom is the application of knowledge, right?  Even if we are smart, it doesn't necessarily mean we are wise.  Pause and think of something right now you know would make your life better inside or out. What's getting in the way?  Consider how you would feel and what would happen if it was done consistently for one week?  The slight edge is always working!

Sometimes we're compelled to action.  Those aren't the good times, but they help us learn the lesson. Hopefully we're smart enough not to keep taking the same tests over and again.

This month I learned 4 things:

1.  The jury is out on coconut oil.  I had a yearly blood panel done, and my cholesterol jumped.  "I'll take care of it with my diet,"  I expressed with the utmost confidence.  I traced back over the year to see what changes I had made - a total switch to coconut oil, much more dairy to cut down on carbs,  more sweets and not so much exercise.  Oh, my!  How did that happen?  It's not rocket science.  You can't have your cake and eat it too.  No wonder my pants are uncomfortable.  I've been forced back to balance and moderation.

2.  It's okay to go retro and wash dishes by hand.  Our dishwasher stopped cycling, and  Mr B and I don't feel like spending the dollars on a new one yet.  We'll get around to it.  Sometimes I wash and he drys or we switch it up.  It's all good.

3.  It's possible to go more than 2 weeks without one single Skittle.  It's easier for me to cut out than to cut down.  Because of #1 I have sworn off candy or obvious sugars - except for dessert on our Friday night dinner out.  No need to be reckless, now.  I also learned that 5th graders will hustle to line up from recess when Skittles are in view.

4.  Even brains have a mind of their own.  Without the boring details, I recently had an EEG done as a follow up from a concussion last year and some occasional, annoying vertigo.  I thought, good, now I can get these moments documented.  Twenty-six wires are glued to my head, a camera is set up to watch me sitting on the family room couch and one focused on my pillow in the bedroom.  Hmmm.  For 72 hours I'm carrying around the battery box for monitoring.

The tech said I could go out and about if I wanted.  "Just put a wrap on your head," she said.  I went out once.  It was Friday night and I told Mr B we could go to dinner at a place no one goes to -- Marie Callenders.  I had custard pie . . . because it was Friday.

Wouldn't you know it - I couldn't get my head to manifest the vertigo no matter how often I tried.  The someone watching the video was probably confused at what I was doing.  Well, I wanted to show some brain activity that weekend so I got on my Lumosity brain game app and dusted off some cobwebs. The results aren't back yet, but I guess it's all in my head . . . or not.

By the way, in the beginning the tech asked me 3 simple questions.  "What is your name?"  "What is your birth date?"  "Who is President of the United States?"  I got the first 2 right away.  Jeez Louise.  It took some precious seconds to think of the third answer.  I not only need to get wiser, but smarter.
Whatever you do this week . . . Be Intentional about it.

Thanks for listening!  I enjoy good company.


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