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Prom - the Olympics of High School

April 11, 2017

Flashback . . .

I want to go to Prom - the movie.  I make no excuses, I'm just a sucker for feel good teenage romance movies.  Pretty in Pink, Clueless, She's All That, 10 Thinks I Hate About You - the list could go on and on.

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But there may be another reason I need to go to this movie.  I never went to prom when I was in high school.  Never really dated much - but still - missed prom - REALLY?!!  Prom for me was several years ago.  Not going to tell you how many, but our theme was "Friends . . . We Will Remember You" taken from a John Denver song.

At that time, it just didn't register what a rite of passage prom was.  Maybe it hit me when I went to a class reunion a few summers ago.  Someone asked, "What was one of your favorite high school memories?"  I was surprised how many people said "prom."  Prom night seemed to be the time of break-ups, hook-ups and lots of fun.

Don't get me wrong - I had lots of friends.  Had even gone out several times with a very nice young man, but wasn't ready or willing to be his "girlfriend" or to say "that's my boyfriend."  So he told me he was going to ask one of my girlfriends to prom.  I told him she was a great girl and they would have fun.  A year after graduation I was a bridesmaid at their wedding.

Fast forward - my daughter went to prom her junior and senior year.  The first year her boyfriend couldn't go because he had injured his leg.  She already had the dress, so it was girl's night at prom.  She, along with a group of her friends, took themselves out to eat, went to the dance, came back to my house for a late night/early morning breakfast and had a great time.  Senior year she went with her boyfriend and said it was fun - but not as much fun as the first prom.

I just knew my sweet baby boy was going to break tradition and take his mama to his senior prom.  Secretly, just between us, I had even been looking at dresses and doing extra sit-ups.  Then some girl asks him to prom.  What's up with that?!!

I'm a different woman from that girl sitting home, waiting for a call years ago.  If my daughter and her girlfriends can go to prom on their own, if a girl can ask my son to prom --- why can't I go to Prom (the movie) by myself?  I would never ask my husband to go - it's just not his kind of movie.

Thanks for listening!  I enjoy good company.


  1. In a small town I felt like it was only right to go to prom with the first person who asked. And those were guy friends. So my proms were an okay evening. Maybe I'm glad I was spared the drama - or any after effects. :)


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