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Sloppy Joes

April 09, 2017

Do you have a bunch of boys to feed?  Or a bunch of kids?  Or company coming and need something in a hurry?  Or need to take a meal to someone?  You get the picture, right?  Well, this is as easy as it gets and has fed lots of the above.

I would say this is your cast of characters, almost.  Forgot to get the mustard in the picture and because the onion is optional, I opted not to use it this time.


3 pounds hamburger
1 1/2 medium onion chopped (Optional)
Brown the hamburger and onions.

Drain the grease.

Then add:
     2 cans Chicken Gumbo soup
     1 cup Ketchup
     1/2 teaspoon chili powder
     1 teaspoon mustard (I just squeeze some mustard in there)
     Salt & Pepper to taste

That's right, just add it all together - it's a one pan wonder (I just made that up!)
Cover and simmer for one hour - but to be really honest, which I try to do all the time, 
we never can wait for that long to dig into this stuff.  

My Mr. B likes to add a little shredded cheese to his.
If you come visit me I would make a potato salad to go with this and maybe some baked beans.

Drop on by!  We love good company. 


  1. I love sloppy Joes, but some reason this next generation aren't big fans. This recipe looks good though, so when I need a potluck dish . . . thanks!

  2. Try it!! You'll like it!!


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