Learning to be Patient

May 29, 2017

When I looked up the word patience, it's a noun that means to accept or tolerate delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset.  Bailey chose a perfect word for May (for me anyway).  I know all the students and especially the teachers are patiently waiting for school to get out and start their summer plans.  

Even though I live in Florida and May weather has been pretty delightful - not too hot or cold - it seemed to take forever for the water in my new pool to get warm enough to enjoy a swim.  The pool is not heated - yet.  Just be patient, maybe in a year or two it will be.  I had about two days that I could jump in and swim comfortably.

And then there was the eye surgery.  Not a big thing, but guess what!?  No swimming for two weeks. My two weeks is up May 31.  My Mr. B is working so hard to get the yard put back together after it was tore up with pool construction, but I can't help him for two weeks.  No yard work, again because of the eye surgery, because I can't sweat.  No eye rubbing or scratching, so no sweat in the eyes.  Do you know what else that means?  No exercising!!  That's right, don't ride your bike, swim, run - DO NOT EXERCISE!!!  

My patience is going to have to extend beyond May, as we continue planning and working toward a September wedding.  I must be patient with the bride and groom as they are in Seattle making plans, that I then have to execute here in Florida.  

So as I patiently wait for the end of May I am making a list - you know I love lists - of all the things I'll start doing in June.  I'm setting those goals as Bailey suggested.  But I can hear my mother-in-law saying, "You can't wish your life away."  So my goals are realistic - finish the yard, lose 5 or 50 pounds, and just keep swimming.

I love this quote from Joyce Meyer ~

Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it's how we behave while we're waiting.

I have learned that to truly be peaceful, you must exercise patience - with yourself and with others.  So even though the word for May was patient I am going to deliberately carry that word and feeling into June, July, August. . .

Isaac Newton said, "Genius is patience."  I'm not a genius yet, but I'll wait patiently for that time.

Thanks for listening.  I enjoy good company.


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