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What a woman wants?

May 14, 2017

If you were your own mother, what would you buy you?  Women are easy to please, right?  The challenge is too many choices!  My daughter and daughter-in-law are excellent shoppers and buyers.  It's a gift.

In our family we do gift lists for every occasion to cut down on wasted time shopping, especially for the men, or you may end up with a lot of Bath and Body Works lotion. It's a win-win for everyone.  Gift cards are always welcome, too, allowing you the pleasure of shopping for just the right thing on your own time.  My mother often bought gifts (for my older brother) called "trading material" knowing chances are the gift might be returned and that's okay.

Sometimes Mr B buys things which create more work for him.  Like this . . .

Once I asked for a replacement of a kitchen floor vac to use on our tile floor.  He brings this home.  It straps on like a backpack and vacuums with the long wand thingy.  It felt like I was one of the Ghost Buster dudes.  I tried it for a while and then went back to my broom and dustpan.

Mr. B really liked it because he could use it for carpet and tile, so I said, "I guess you just got yourself another job - vacuuming."

This week he brought home some food storage containers.  I scratched my head wondering why?  Two months ago I pulled out all the ones we had, found their lids, and threw the rest away.  The remaining were neatly stacked, and I was feeling proud of myself.  It's hard to keep them in order though, isn't it?  Soon they were messed up again.

I looked at the new rubbermaid containers and at Mr B and said, "I guess you get to re-organize the cupboards to find what works best."  So he did!  What a guy.  A simple gift of time I really enjoyed.

Of course there is always a mess during the process.

The problem with the previous location was the shelves were too deep and containers would get pushed around.  Mr B swapped the dishes we use less often down to the lower shelf. 

Now our containers are eye-level - for him anyway - and neatly stacked.  
All is right with the world again.

I need to tape a picture on the inside of the cupboard door to remember where everything goes.

Thanks for stopping by!  I enjoy good company.



  1. One year I got a 3-wheeler for my birthday. My husband wanted one and that was the excuse for getting it. He enjoyed my gift so much.

    1. LOL ... I wonder how they would feel if they got table place settings for a gift. (I have a penchant for wanting to buy pretty dishes).

  2. Good job! A place for everything and everything in it's place! Dell built us a fireplace mantle for Mother's Day, with my birthday money. Wow what a life changer:) Now instead of a black hole, there is a beautiful fireplace. It is so energizing to see beauty and order

    1. Yay! Beauty really does lift our spirits. We still have a black hole.


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