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CPR for a Pine Floor

May 12, 2017

A couple of years ago some friends had a big oak tree in their yard that was hit by lightening.  It caught on fire, and then their house caught on fire.  Although the house didn't burn down, there was enough damage that they couldn't live in the house.  They fixed up an old barn and are living in it while they build a new house.

Needless to say, they didn't feel much love for that oak tree, so. . . my husband said, "I'll take it off your hands."

What was he going to do with it, you ask?  He had been wanting to make a dining room table.  Note:  We don't have a formal dining room, but we did have another table.

This tree was HUGE!!!  But isn't it pretty?

Here is the oak tree - my new dining room table - at the saw mill.

I mean, here is my new dining room table.  That doesn't look like that oak tree, you say.  You are correct.  My Mr. B found an old house in Alabama that they were taking down and selling off the lumber.  This is a pile of pine floor joists from that house.  What would you do with a pile of pine floor joists?

Well, My Mr. B made a - you guessed it - dining room table!!!

This thing is eight feet long.  My Mr. B wishes it was 10 feet long, but when he built it we hadn't started our house reno yet and there was a bar just to left in the above picture.

Remember that little island dream that I had?  Well in the above picture you can see that the bar is gone and we can accommodate a longer table now.  But before My Mr. B makes another table he has to make something with that oak tree.  He's hinted that he may make me a bed.  You'll just have to stay tuned to see if/when that may happen.

In the meantime, why don't you come over and sit a spell at this lovely table.  We always enjoy the company.


  1. Your Mr B is so talented!! So beautiful! I can just see all the friends and family enjoying good times and great food :) P.S. My sister did a painting of that same cow for my mother - at her request.

    1. Saw that cow in a catalog and knew just where I wanted to hang it. It was in a box for months during the reno. I love it. Not talented enough to paint anything myself. Your sister is one talented lady.


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