May: Be Patient

May 02, 2017

On a scale of 1-10 where do you sit when it comes to being patient?  1 is a very quick temper . . . 5 is holding it in and biting your tongue . . . and 10 is patient as the day is long.

I'm probably not the one to be talking because my innate personality is very patient - a purist White based on the Color Code.  Don't confuse it with always being a good thing, though.  Everyone has amazing gifts to share and troublesome limitations getting in the way of growth and happiness.

Right now I'm thinking, "I can't wait for school to get out!"  10 more days of math and reading groups - 24 days until my summer vacation begins with a church history trip, a visit to my sisters and a family vacation in July.  WooHoo!  And then school starts again in August?  What!  Where did my summer go?

What are you looking forward to?  We all need something, some goal to set our sights on.  It makes life interesting and worthwhile.  Be careful, though.  Wishing, hoping, and waiting for life to make you happy can be a trap. 
Are you also thinking about things too slow in coming?  Maybe you're determined to lose weight or get in shape, and it's just taking so long to see results.  Those hopes and dreams you have for your family seem to be stuck in the mud or moving like a sloth.  Just know the Law of the Harvest is always constant.  You reap what you sow - tomato plants don't produce cucumbers.  Be intentional about what you seeds you plant.  Nourish and nurture them and the harvest will come.  Not sure when or how, but it will.

Patience is more than holding your temper.  It's twin is Peace - the ability to feel calm inside even when chaos is storming all around you.  Do you want to be more patient?  Don't pray for it!  That's a sure back-fire.  Instead of trying to change a behavior, look for the motive behind impatience.  

Do you get irritated with others when:
  • they are too slow in getting something done?
  • they aren't doing it right?
  • they aren't helping to ease your work load?
  • they aren't reliable?
  • they are making you look bad? 
The challenge this month is to be intentionally Patient.  Step back and consider the other person's position and personality.  Be patient with yourself.  Create a plan of response when moments of irritation creep in or a hurricane 5 pounds at your door.

Slow down, don't be in a hurry . . . you'll miss today. 


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