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Mother of the Bride Job 2: She Said Yes to the Dress

May 31, 2017

In May we went on a trip to Seattle to see the bride and groom.  It was an official "Mother of the Bride" trip.  We were wedding dress shopping.  And she did say "Yes" to the dress.  Can't show you any pictures of the dress, because she wants it to be a surprise - and I'm sure my future son-in-law reads this blog, so I don't want to spoil it for him.  (I said that in my most sarcastic voice, because I don't really think he's a blog reader.)

It's a long way from Florida to Seattle, no matter which way you go, but it's always worth it, because we get to see not only our daughter and her guy, but my niece and her sweet family.  This time we took our son with us - so it's was even more fun.

Let me just apologize in advance, because there may be a bit of a picture overload coming up.  But you know what they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words."  So maybe I won't use many words.

Big cousins and little cousins.
The Fremont Troll (and my kids)
The Locks

The kids and the Gum Wall

Whitney introduced Cody to the Fremont Troll, the Locks, and the Gum Wall.

We went to a Seattle Mariners baseball game.  It was a tied game in the 7th inning and Whitney says, "We're going to leave at the top of the 8th to beat the rush."  My Mr. B said, "I don't think so - it's a tied game!!"  Happy to report that the home team won by one run - a home run in the 8th inning. 

Mount Rainier
It rained the first day we were there and that's it.  The weather was beautiful, and after the baseball game we had this clear view of Mount Rainier.  Beautiful!!

One morning My Mr. B, Cody, and I went on a little sight-seeing drive.  This is Snoqualmie Falls.  I must say it was pretty impressive.  And everything was so green and beautiful.

Another bonus to this trip was I got to see my second cousin, James, and his sweet wife, Laura.  They just moved to Tacoma last year with their happy and adorable baby boy.  They took time out of their busy schedule to come have lunch with us and meet my family.  

Three generations of my guys.
My husband, my son and my niece's son
I love my family

Dinner on the deck.
My niece, Naomi, and her husband, Ted, are the BEST.  We stayed with them and their awesome kids, Della and Oslo.  Della was in school, so she didn't get to go to lunch with us earlier.  But you will see her again at some point this fall, because she is the flower girl.  Oslo and Cody couldn't seem to get enough of each other.  Boys bonding for sure, even though there is a 25 year age difference.  And I can't believe I didn't get a picture of Naomi, but trust me, she is beautiful!!

I tried to let the pictures speak for themselves, but sometimes I just have to use words.  I talk with my hands, too.  I'm telling you, if you could see my hands moving now, you would understand.

Thanks for listening!  I enjoy good company.


  1. Well said! Gorgeous pictures!

    1. Thank you. The pictures were all taken with our phones - but they turned out so great because the subjects (people subjects that is) are all pretty good looking - if I do say so myself.


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