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Summer CPR Job #2 [closet]

July 06, 2017

After organizing my office desk, I was on a roll and kept on going! 

This is an "extra" closet in our office/book nook/bonus room.  Quite frankly, it always looked this way because it was the dumping ground from other leftover projects.  The batting is from a recent quilt I made.  My Pattaburp doll fell down from the top shelf when getting a game for the kiddos and didn't find her way back up to my Chatty Cathy doll.  (Does anyone else have dolls?)  

In my defense there are tell-tale signs of some organization with the cubbies and totes, just no order.  

Well, enough's enuff!  I pulled everything out, sifted through, and put it back together again - almost like Humpty Dumpty.  NOTE:  It always looks worse before it gets better!  I just never think to take a picture of the middle because I'm too busy working magic.  Sure wish Mary Poppins lived on my street.


Poof . . . and Wala!  Don't you just love how order makes you feel?  As you can see I moved all the cubbies to one side.  I even dejunked and categorized them.  Now, I didn't really need to put that sage table cloth on but until I add some paint to the walls, I need color.

P.S.  I found 3 important things during this CPR:

1.  If you look real close by the sewing machine, there is a little white piece - of a puzzle!  Recently it was put together, all but one piece.  ;)  Could drive a person wild.

2.  A sewing kit for a simple mending project bought decades ago.  I was just about to buy another one when I found it!

3.  A print I remember buying eons ago but just put it in with the wrapping paper.  I bought a frame and now enjoy it in my book nook.

"Books are the bees which carry the quickening pollen from one to another mind."

Are you wondering what's under the table?  And there's a really lovely find from Home Depot.

The tote for gift bags - and a couple pictures on the side, for now, that I didn't want to get crinkled.

A Pinterest search for wrapping paper storage led me to Home Depot:

Can you hear the oohs and aahs?!  I'm here to tell you I was this close (see my thumb and finger pinched together) to running down to get one or two.  But then, I remembered I'm trying to use up my wrapping paper because I don't really enjoy wrapping, and I already have a place above for ribbons.  Drats.  It looks so pretty.  I texted my SIL and mentioned my daughter needs one of these - she actually likes to wrap presents and dress them up.

Whew . . . projects take effort, but the end result is always worth it.  Are you doing some Home CPR?

Thanks for stopping by!  I enjoy good company.


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