August: Be Prepared

August 04, 2017

Brooke picked the word this month, and it's an excellent choice.  She no doubt was thinking ahead to September and wondering if all the i's have been dotted and the t's crossed for the big Wedding day.   There always seems to be a few unexpected glitches.  You can read about her rainy day proposal in another post.  Oh, my!

When I hear "Be Prepared", I think of the physical, mental, emotional preparedness needed in our day and time of political upheaval and uncertainty.  It doesn't take too much analyzing to see potential hazards in the making.  Mr. B and I believe in "planting cherry trees" and have 6 fruit trees of our own.  He plants a spring and fall garden every year.  It's not easy in Las Vegas.  I just say we are practicing - and have been for 37 years.  He has two green thumbs now.  

Mr. B asked what I wanted for my recent birthday.  We do "lists" in our family, so I was prepared with a ready reply. "How about getting some things for my Get-Home-bag."  Think about it.  What if you had to leave your workplace or car and start trekking home within 24 hrs.  Could you?  It's always nice to have a GHB in the car when you travel, too.  My sister had one on our 13-hr road trip to MT - the Big Sky Country.  You can drive for long stretches and never see another soul.

"When the time for decision arrives, 
the time for preparation is past." - Thomas S. Monson

So, Mr. B got me a few things.
  • light jacket
  • cans of water (At a quick glance it looks like a Beer can - NOT)
  • pepper blaster (90 mph - whoa!)  Yes, I look intimidating.
  • towel for moisture and cooling
  • flashlight (way cool - the end slides for narrow to wide circumference of light)
  • paracord (I need to review my knots)
  • clip (for something)
Mr. B asked me what kind of knife I wanted.  "A multi-tool one."  It's on the list. 

A Get Home Bag is different than a 72-hr kit used in times of disaster.

Any effort spent to be prepared will never be wasted.  It's an investment - the price we pay for peace of mind.  Consider the following:

  • Do we have enough food, water, and fuel in the event of an emergency - staying in the home or evacuating?  A minimum for 72 hrs.    
  • Do we have reserves for any unexpected unemployment?
  • Do we have the basic skills to build a shelter, a fire, find and purify water?
  • Do we know how to use a dutch oven - for something more than peach cobbler?
  • Can we grind wheat to make flour to make bread?
  • Can we bottle up the fruits of the trees and vegetables from the garden?
  • How long can we survive without electricity?

Hope for the best . . . plan for the worst.

One of my favorite websites for preparedness is Ready Nutrition.  If you have one, feel free to tell us in a comment.

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