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Fruit Sherbet Dessert

August 01, 2017

This cool summer dessert is a real crowd pleaser.  Even though it's super yummy, you'll want to share because it makes a lot.  Or just make it, put it in the freezer and pull out some whenever  you want to indulge yourself.  There is a fat-free option as well.

Due to a recent computer crash, I no longer have some food pictures.  I looked high and low. Searched and googled for an image even remotely close.  Nada.  Until just now!  If it's so good, why didn't I just make some?  Good question.  It's just too good, that's why.  I'm waiting for a party . . . or a party invitation.

Image credit:  Ohsodelicioso


Ingredients:  the sherbet flavors are sometimes tricky to find, so look for them first.

1 brick of sherbet (pineapple or raspberry)
1 brick of vanilla ice cream
5-6 bananas
1 pkg frozen raspberries (large or 2 cartons of fresh)
blueberries (frozen or fresh)

* You can use fresh or frozen fruit.  If using a frozen mix, NO melons.  If using frozen, thaw before using.

Let the sherbet and vanilla ice cream thaw enough to mix with other ingredients unto large bowl.
Put back into the freezer to set until about 10 minutes before using to thaw slightly.

*It does take a while to freeze originally.

Fat Free option:  my friend always makes it this way

1 brick of pineapple sherbet



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