Is it too late to Be Prepared?

August 30, 2017

When Bailey and I were thinking about the word of the month for August, I suggested Be Prepared - just thinking about all those kids going back to school and parents getting them "prepared" for a new school year.  Leave it to Bailey to make me stretch my thoughts on being prepared.  And of course, her thoughts are right on point.

Living in Florida, we have been through many hurricanes and tornadoes.  Our first hurricane as a married couple was almost like a comedy of errors.  We lived in a trailer, had a one-year-old baby, and my sister-in-law was going to college in our town.  I picked the baby up from the sitter's.  My sister-in-law met us at the house.  When we got to the house, My Mr. B had his airboat hooked up to his truck and had loaded his chain saw and other tools in the truck.  I loaded the girls, some clothes, and family pictures in my car.  We headed to My Mr. B's parent's home.  That hurricane seemed to follow us.  Then we started back home, but the weather was still pretty bad, so we stopped at a friend's house.  My Mr. B was worried that we would lose everything in the trailer - so he went back home and moved EVERYTHING to a friend's garage.  My memory is a little sketchy, but we were on the road running from that hurricane for four days, staying at three different locations.  My Mr. B moved stuff home and then out again a couple of times.

Hurricane Ivan
Through the years we have evacuated for several hurricanes, including Hurricane Ivan.  We have been very blessed, with little or no damage each time.  One thing that always happens is the power is out - sometimes for a week or longer.   We have a generator (or 2) and with our house rehab, My Mr. B fixed it so the generator is ready at the flip of a switch.  At least once a year, before hurricane season, My Mr. B gets a barrel of gasoline to use in our cars and generators.

Our 72 hours kits are ready, but we haven't done a good job at food storage.  Thanks for that nudge from Bailey, I have ordered the book she recommended, I Dare You To Eat It, along with another one I saw, Store This - Not That.  I plan on getting right on that after September.  I'm channeling my inner Scarlett O'Hara - there's always tomorrow attitude there.

Some little ways that we can be prepared I learned from my mother.   She always said to lay your clothes out for the next day. Why?  In case there's a fire or for some reason you have to get out fast, your clothes are right there and you can grab them.  That way you're not running around in your pajamas.  Another thing we did as our kids got older, was make a plan for where they would go if we couldn't get to them right away.  Figure out a meeting place to gather.

To paraphrase an old saying - Always hope for the best, but Prepare for the worst.  As I write this, my heart goes out to the people of Texas.  

My prayers are with them.


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