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Laundry Bliss

August 27, 2017

We have lived in our home for almost 30 years now, and this is how my laundry room has looked.

Yes,  the door is closed for a reason.  It's a tiny little cubbyhole of a room.  An afterthought really. The designer was obviously a man who didn't spend much time doing laundry.  I didn't spend much time in here either.  I never painted it or hung anything on the walls.  All I asked Mr. B to do was put knobs on the cabinet doors.  Poor little, forgotten room.

I decided it was time for dressing up.  The gray paint was from a sample I had a while back.  I broke the labeling rule and don't know what color it is, but I love it.  

This might not look fancy with the hoses showing, but I like that I found the perfect use for the wooden tray.  It originally was intended for part of a wall display - that's how it was displayed in the store.  When I got it home, however, it was a little warped and didn't lay flat against the wall. Humph!  Never fear.  I regularly perform Home CPR and found a new function.  Now it holds everything in one place. 

When something makes me laugh out loud in the store, I usually find a reason to buy it. 

I've had the Dream for several years and never found the right place for it.  The other sayings were from a gift card, and I loved how the flower canvas picked up on the colors.

Now the laundry room door stays open all the time.  I'm happy in here.  It's amazing - when you love the home you have, it loves you back.

Thanks for stopping by.  Did you bring some laundry?



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