Are you parched or drenched?

September 13, 2017

There are parts of our country burning up and away, acre after acre.  Others are parched from months or years without rain.  Hurricane Harvey and Irma have deluged islands and states.  I admit, I had a twinge of guilt when last weekend I said, "How nice to get some rain."

I thought of our garden and the seasons.

In your part of the vineyard after all the planting, and weeding, and toil and strife -- perhaps you wonder if anything will grow to yield the harvest of your desires.  When so much heart and soul is invested into making someone's life better, it's easy to question if what we do matters.  Does anyone even notice? We tend to evaluate our efforts by the outcome or result thinking "if I do A and B then C will happen."  When C doesn't happen discouragement starts to settle in, and we get tired of doing and may even stop trying.   

Dear friend remember this . . . the harvest cannot be denied. 

If you plant corn, you get corn, not tomatoes.  I know it's hard to be patient, and we sometimes try to force the harvest, forgetting about times and seasons and things beyond our control.  If this is a dreary time in your life, know that Spring will surely come.  If you're experiencing a hot, miserable summer drought in your life, keep nourishing the roots of your soul and make way for the harvest.  If this is a wonderful life right now, let your sparkle shine just by being YOU!  Lift up the head that hangs down.  Lighten the heart that is heavy.  You never know what another person is going through -- even behind their smile.  

You remember the spider in the book, Charlotte's Web, right?  She saved Wilbur the pig by simply drawing attention to his finer qualities.  We can, too.  Words of compliment lift our spirits and change lives. Gifts of service and gratitude will always find their way back to those who give with no thought of return. Be a Charlotte.  You make a difference in this world!  

Thank you for stopping by . . . and listening.


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