Doing Nothing - Intentionally

September 01, 2017

So here it is the first day of September.  I have a wedding coming up in 24 days - not mine, but my daughter's.  There is plenty to do, really!  Do you sometimes get overwhelmed with what to do next and just decide to do nothing?  Well, I wasn't really feeling overwhelmed, but. . .just go with me on this one.

 There was laundry that needed to be done.  Did it.  That didn't take too long.  Some picking up and putting away.  Again, did it.  On my list was mop the floors.  I looked at that and thought, why, it's just going to have to be done again next week.  There are flower beds that need a LOT of work.  But I really need My Mr. B to help with that.  He was helping a friend with a project and wouldn't be home for a while.  I did make lunch for My Mr. B and his friend.  After taking it to them, there just wasn't anything I felt like I really NEEDED to do.

I looked out the back door and there it was, just calling to me.  It said, "You have a pool and you should enjoy it while you still can."  I'm not sure if it was the pink flamingo telling me that or the pool.

I walked out on the deck to see if I could hear better.  Yes, I could still hear something calling me.  Of course, that little flower bed may have been calling me, but I was using my gift of selective hearing.

Can't you just hear it?  "If you build it, they will come."  Yes, yes, I hear you.

So I followed the yellow brick road - I mean the wooden sidewalk.

I looked back at my giant clock.  (See I told you it makes me smile.)  
It was afternoon, so I could do this.

The water was clear.  
With my book in hand, I laid back on that sweet float and read and relaxed and cooled off - intentionally.

There are no witnesses to my afternoon of intentionally doing nothing - other than the pink flamingo, and she's going to keep her mouth shut.

So, if you come visit and no one answers the door, it may be because I'm running the vacuum cleaner and just can't hear you.  Or you may want to come around to the back yard.  Bring your bathing suit and we can be intentional together.  Oh, and just so you know, I have made a list for tomorrow and I will do something.

Thanks for relaxing with me.  I enjoy good company.


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