#Smile 365

September Smiles [Top Ten]

September 30, 2017

1.   Getting a hydra facial, courtesy of my friend Julie.
2.   Transforming flower beds.
3.   A great doctor that can help an aching back (after transforming flower beds).
4.   A great massage therapist that can help an aching back.
5.   Meeting the in-laws.
6.   Great friends that can cook and like to share.
7.   Getting my hair and makeup done for my daughter's wedding.
8.   Watching My Mr. B (who does not like to dance) dancing with our daughter at her reception.
9.   Gaining a new son-in-law.
10. My daughter thanking me "for the best weekend of her life!"

Try and top that list!  Congratulations!

1.   A weekend away and a play.  It wasn't supposed to be Shakespeare, but it was.
2.   Dinner with friends - trying to find a sugar fix at 10:05 pm in Hurricane, UT.
3.   Finding another good book.
4.   The scale says weight down - 1 pound.  Yay!  It refused to budge.
5.   Funnel cake with peaches, strawberries and whip cream at Peach Days.  Scale went back up.
6.   Dinner with a Russian.
7.   Accomplishing my Book of Mormon reading goal - a week early.
8.   Releasing books into the wild.
9.   A trip to Waco, TX, and Magnolia country - worth every calorie.
10. Visiting the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.


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