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This Old House [3 Decades of Re-do's]

September 05, 2017

This old house has been lived in and loved for 27 years when our family of six moved in.  Our youngest kiddo was 2.

The exterior has been painted twice - love the new blue door

1990's:  Our carpet back then went with all the popular colors.  A pretty peachy pink or pinkish peach called Coral Canyon. We had wallpaper and wainscoting along the entry wall.  The living room decor was in jewel tones with tailored balloon window dressings.

(When I moved out of the 90's, I gave the window treatments and couches to my sister - who was thrilled to have them in her home pictured below.)

I've lost track how many times I re-painted walls.  Bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen - you name it.  Mr. B would know for sure.  I do my fair share, but he is better at it, uses less paint, and is skilled at edging along the ceiling.

2000's:  We replaced the carpeting with tile all the way to the kitchen.  It isn't fancy, but I really liked it with the variations of sage, gold, and a little bit of red.  The trend was Tuscan, and my living room was decked out in those colors and fabrics.   

(These pictures were taken before we demoed out all the tile for our latest renovation.) 

By now our son and his wife have a demolition company making it very easy for a couple of guys to come in and bust it all out in one day.

Here is the kitchen ready for a new floor.

Hit pause for a minute . . .

2016:  It appears I get bit by the Demo bug every decade.  I don't mind - it isn't painful for me.

This time, however, it was Mr. B who initiated the change.  He wanted a different feeling to the living room look.  I made sure he understood the ramifications involved.  "There's a domino effect," I said.

As much as I would like to change everything to look like something out of Fixer Upper, I'm reasonable.  The granite counter tops and back splash stayed.  Someone else can do that on their dime.  My Pinterest board got poked so many times with pins on how to "paint your kitchen cupboards like a professional".  Mr. B is a pretty handy guy to have around, but has his limits with a change-artist wife.  He chose to have a professional paint them - white, of course.  "Great!"

My biggest challenge was selecting the new flooring from the entryway, hallway, family room to the kitchen.  It needed to blend with the real wood stairs off our living room we converted long before. Note to self:  DO NOT choose a wood stain to go with an antique sideboard you may not keep . . . which we didn't.  It had to go to create our new "feel".

Management, meaning Mr. B, was not going to have (engineered) wood flooring in the kitchen.  We wanted the ease of tile which led us to look at porcelain wood-like planks, but every sample I brought home was so blah next to our wood stairs.  I decided to go different and went bold.

The look of reclaimed wood.

Read more . . . for the updates.

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