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Do you need a Digital Detox? [10 Tips to Unplug]

October 22, 2017

* How long can you wait in the morning before looking at your phone?

*How many selfies do you take in a week?

* Can you go to dinner and leave your device at home?

*When was the last time you read to relax?

*How often do you check - or post to - your social media?

*On a scale from 1-10, what is your anxiety level if you can't find your phone?

*Does your self-esteem fluctuate based on the numbers who "like" you, follow or share?

Become more aware of what is really worth your energy.

Is your device becoming a vice?

Not in an evil way, of course, and yet, is it becoming a distraction from real life?  Do we text more than we actually have face-to-face conversations?  Maybe we think texting allows us to multi-task or not be confined to a phone call.  Is social media a counterfeit for personal relationships?  Does it give the impression of connecting with others when in reality we are selective of what we want people to believe is our great life?

Every time we check our email, we're checking somebody else's agenda.  - Greg McKeown

Something to think about it . . .

How did you score?

There is a fine line between leisure time and an acquired addiction.  Anything routinely done that starts to interrupt or replace essential people and activities is worth examining under a magnifying glass.  If comments are popping up about time spent on video games or social media, there's a problem.  Be humble. 

Try a few edits and look for differences in your mind and relationships:
  • Create a morning routine
  • Set times to view emails, phone messages
  • Begin writing Morning Pages
  • Eat meals without checking your phone
  • Practice mono-tasking
  • Pick up a paperback to read
  • Be in the moment without posting to Instagram
  • Engage in a hands-free conversation
  • Establish a nightly ritual
  • Media free after 6 pm

Simplifying your life opens the mind.  

When you eliminate the clutter from your vision, you lesson the chaos in your mind. 

 - Darlene A. Austen


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