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Happy Fall Y'all!

October 07, 2017

I happen to be one of those people that get comfortable with "the way things are."  When my house is clean and everything is in it's place (except for that one room where I close the door), I am okay with that.  What I'm saying is I don't really change things up for seasons.  Then I look at those blogs, you know the ones, with the tablescapes and the wreaths for each season and I get inspired.  And incidentally, I really like that word tablescape, because I have an awesome table that I can scape.  Is that really a word?  Let's just go with it.

At one time I decided that chickens and roosters would be my decorating inspiration.  Not because I particularly like chickens and roosters - remember that one summer years ago - but the colors were so vibrant and my favorite Aunt Betty had lots of chickens and roosters in her house.  Somehow the memo went out and I got chickens and roosters in all different shapes and sizes as gifts.  The dishes above were from one Christmas when my mother-in-law and both sisters-in-law gifted me with them.  
I bought the beautiful pumpkins and stands several years ago because I thought they would look great on my table.  I think I was right about that.

 The candles are an easy way to change things up.  I just traded the white candles for these guys that have autumn colors and smells - spiced pumpkin.

This little galvanized stand is on the table on my back porch.  
I just added some fall garland and pumpkins and squash.

And then My Mr. B gave me a battery operated blower to blow all those leaves that fall during this time of year.  He adds little touches to my decor whenever he can.  We may not get the pretty colors of autumn, but we still get plenty of leaves and pine straw.

The coffee table even gets a little fall pick-me-up.  Just a little bit of color.

You know it's the end of summer when the big pink flamingo is deflated and ready to be put away until spring.  Or you know a hurricane is coming and you better hunker down and put things away before they blow away.

Drop by anytime.  We're relaxing now the wedding is over.


  1. Looks like your Mr B was trying to add a little something to your decor :) The pink flamingo looks so sad deflated - it couldn’t be plum tuckered out by floating around all summer.


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