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October 06, 2017

If you love to read, we're kindred spirits!

Is there any better way to spend a day at the beach, rainy days, cool autumn evenings or winter-kissed afternoons than by sinking into a great book?  Sounds like books are all-weather friends, doesn't it?  If you are a task master, there will always be something on your to-do list, and yet consider nurturing yourself for a few minutes or hour.  You will be glad you did.

Goodreads celebrated their 10th anniversary last month and joined with the Book Fairies to share the love of reading.  What a fun idea!  In preparing for a recent trip to Waco, TX, I surveyed my bookshelves and chose books to "release" out into the world.  It isn't always easy parting with a good friend and sending them on a journey.  It can be done any day or time of the year and is a great way to minimize your books.

I purchased an additional copy of one all-time favorites, These is My Wordsto give away because it has earned a permanent place on my shelf.

I ordered tags and wrapped them up to leave in airports, on park benches, on cafe chairs, in bathrooms!  Because I am a cover snob, I simply couldn't put a sticker on the front of the book and put it on a piece of cardstock instead.

My daughter added 5 books for a total of 11 we took on our trip.  Our last book was placed in a Dallas airport restroom.  As I was sitting waiting to board our flight, I saw a woman walk by with it in her arms.  The same person sat behind me on the airplane with her reading light on - I'd like to think she was reading our book.

I went another step further and registered each book and placed a sticker inside.  If you are a little bit of a control freak or have hints of hoarding and just can't quite let go, consider the Book Crossing site.  You download free stickers and register each book with an ID number.  Release it out in the world and when a lucky someone "catches" it, they can leave a comment on the site.  Isn't it more kind to let your books get out and travel instead of collecting dust? 

October is National Reading Group month - YAY.  Now we have a reason to relax.  Here are some additional websites:  Reading Group Guides, and  Random House Reader's Circle.

Join with your friends and pick a book to enjoy together this month.  What are some of your favorite choices?

Happy reading!


  1. I ordered my tags today. Now I'm going through my books to see which ones to share. I love this idea.


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