#Smile 365

October Smiles [Top Ten]

October 27, 2017

1.   Swan Lake by the Russian Ballet
2.   Peanut Festival
3.   Long lunch with a good friend
4.   Hallmark Christmas movies
5.   Cooler weather - oh, how I love you.  Can't get in the pool - oh, how I hate you.
6.   Second cousins with new babies
7.   Seafood Festival
8.   A lazy day still makes me smile
9.   Reports that the newlyweds are still in love
10. Sunday dinners with my boy and his girl.

1.   Birds chirping - even at 10:00 pm (?)
2.   Flag football - first time ever - with Alex the Great
3.   Solving an HTML code
4.   Having Monday and Fridays off - and sometimes Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays
5.   Serving at a quilt shop while listening to my country favorites
6.   Exchanging Gratitude tokens for smiles
7.   Chile's Chocolate Lava cake
8.   Spray painting stripes for a [Where's] Waldo shirt
9.   A relaxing Friday out with the boys and Mr B for 3 hours
10. Vegas Golden Knights  - first time ever at a NHL game


  1. You had a great month, Brooke! (My Russian friend would have liked the ballet) Hallmark movies are predictable and yet I keep watching them :)


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