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Did I Choose My Profession or Did It Choose Me?

November 10, 2017

I decided to take Bailey up on one of her writing prompts.  So, to be totally honest - I mean I try to always be honest - but I didn't have much of a plan as far as a career or profession.  I was going to college, because that's what was expected of me.  What was I going to study?  Planned on taking liberal arts (what is that anyway?) or general studies.

Here was the real plan:  Go to college for a couple of years; find a great guy; get married; have kids; and stay home with them.  That is exactly what happened to all the older girls I went to church with, so it seemed reasonable and realistic to me.

I went to a two year college in Idaho.  It was a great two years.  Met lots of new people.  Developed amazing friendships.  But I had no idea how to find a husband.  Studied accounting for a while.  I'm not real good with math, but I can still balance my checkbook to the penny.  Studied early childhood education.  Even taught at the pre-school on campus.  After two years I still didn't have a prospective husband and didn't graduate.

Obviously I needed to shift my thinking.  I went back to that two year school for a third year.  This time I wasn't looking for a husband.  I was taking secretarial classes, so I could get a job and support myself.  When I finished that third year, I moved to Minneapolis to live with my cousin who was going to court reporting school.  I worked for an insurance company.  Wasn't making a lot of money, but I was taking care of myself.

After nearly two years, my cousin finished her schooling and got a court reporting job in my hometown in Montana.  When she had been working for a bit, we were talking on the phone and she told me she bought a washer and dryer with her first paycheck.  I wanted a washer and dryer!!  The next month I was enrolled in court reporting school in Texas.  The school I chose wasn't far from my grandmother's home and I could stay with her.

About the time I was finishing my schooling, I was offered a job in Florida.  My cousin and I had always talked about working together.  The plan was:  Go to Florida, get a little experience, and then go back to Montana.

What is it they say about best laid plans?  They go awry!!  Enter My Mr. B.  I wasn't even looking for a husband.  I was working really hard.  Court reporting is pretty time consuming.  There he was - and we got married almost exactly two years after I moved to Florida.  When we were expecting our first child we talked a bit about me not working.  Remember those best laid plans?  I was offered a job with a newly appointed judge.

I took that job and worked as his court reporter in State Court, and then Federal Court.  I was his court reporter for nearly 20 years.  When his secretary retired, I moved into that position for another 11 years.

So after all of that - you tell me, did I choose my profession or did it choose me?  And in case you were wondering -- I did get my washer and dryer.


  1. Thanks for sharing! Life is about the journey, not the destination, right? If Plan A doesn’t work, always know that Plan B is still part of the plan :)


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