Learning to Be Respectful

November 28, 2017

Would you rather be respected, admired, appreciated, or praised?  Just some food for thought.  If you're a charactered individual, people will most likely think of you as possessing more than one of these traits.  Understand, however, different personalities will place a different value on them.

Think of why you respect someone.  Is it because they are firm and unwavering in their convictions?  Do they have vision and display quick, uncanny intellect for business and problem solving?  Is their leadership is highly visible and usually unquestioned?  

Call them a Red personality.  They are driven and get things done with less effort than the rest of us.  A mutual respect must exist to have a connection with them. 

How do we earn the respect of others?  It's hard to gain and easy to lose.  Try giving it first, even when someone doesn't seem to deserve it. 

Be a Friend, not a Foe:  Can we ever have too many friends?  Brooke says she likes to collect them.  Truthfully, I think they naturally flow toward her when people see how good it feels to be around someone with an warm, open heart.  She shares herself willingly.  

Have you ever experienced being on the outside of a circle looking in?  Everyone has at one time or another - age isn't a factor.  Think of someone who could benefit from your acceptance and friendship.  Respect is a form of reverence for others.  Even rattlesnakes deserve respect.

When you find people who not only tolerate your quirks,

but celebrate them with cries of "me too!" 

be sure to cherish them.  

Because those weirdos are your tribe. 

Be a Light, not a Judge:  If we were all the same personality, life would be extremely boring.  Our differences bring vitality to our friendships.  Learning to embrace the diverse gifts and talents of others adds vibrant hues to the world around us.  

Who do you know that can benefit from greater positivity in their life?  Can you shine a light on their talents and potential?  What will inspire them to try a little bit more, for a little bit longer?

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.      

Spread Goodness, not Gossip:  You've heard it before.  Is it kind?  Is it true?  Is it necessary?  Does it mean words can be said if all three criteria are satisfied?  Is it kind?  By all means, share it!  Is it true?  Gossip needn't be false to be evil - there's a lot of truth that shouldn't be passed around.  Is it necessary?  Idle conversation usually takes the path of least resistance and turns into gossip.  We don't mean to be mean - it just happens. 

If you can't say something nice 

at least have the decency to be vague.  

~  Jerry Seinfeld

Imagine the result if everyone adopted these words:  Every name is safe in my home.

By nature I am a patient, tolerant, accepting person.  If I don't receive the same in return, I'm trying to look for ways to be a friend, a light, and assume good will.  I already know you are, too.  Thanks for being part of our Tribe.  And you're not even weird!



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