#Smile 365

November Smiles [Top Ten]

November 29, 2017

1.   A dog hanging his head out of a car window - the wind flapping his ears.  Pure joy!
2.   Roses still blooming in November
3.   "Hello, pretty lady" from an elderly man passing by.
4.   A visit from a good, kind friend.
5.   New Cox remote with a microphone for finding channels.  Yes!
6.   Caught someone being good and surprised them with a gratitude token.
7.   A new kitchen table - the patio set is back outside.  Loved it though.
8.   Dinner with good friends.
9.   The movie "Wonder" (not to be confused with Wonder Woman)
10.  Good food and warm hearts on Thanksgiving day

1.   Witnessing a family adopt a sweet girl.
2.   Baby showers for my Young Women that are all grown up.
3.   Cooler weather.
4.   Christmas puzzles.
5.   Hallmark Christmas movies.
6.  Watching my little friends at gymnastics.
7.   A safe and happy honeymoon (Daughter & Son-in-law).
8.   Phone calls from my children.
9.   A table full of food, surrounded by family and friends.
10. Planning a summer excursion with My Mr. B.


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