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This Little Light of Mine [Learning to Be the Light]

December 29, 2017

Many years ago I had a college roommate who always looked for the good in others.  She is a light that continues to shine in my life.  I have one of her sayings on my bulletin board in my office.  It says, "If I cannot give and share when I have a little, then I will never have enough to share."  She struggled with cancerous tumors in her younger years and then as she got older, they came back and eventually took her from us.  Weeks before she died we were talking on the phone and she was giving me encouragement on a project I was involved in.  She lived in Idaho and I was in Florida - so I didn't know how sick she really was until her husband called to tell me she had died.  Sick or not - that girl would have rocked the December "Light the World" initiative.

During this month I have tried to "Light the World" - at least my part of the world.  I'll be honest, it didn't happen every day.  Lucky for me, I live in a community with lots of military families. Husbands are deployed and mom is at home with the kids, far from their own extended families.  On social media I learned that one mother of twins was sick and I hurried over with a meal.  Others had doctor appointments and I was able to watch the kids for them. My husband and I donated coats and clothes for the homeless.

Then there were the acts I saw others participate in.  We had a youth activity at church and had asked for people to contribute some food, etc.  A lot of the people that responded and contributed don't even have kids old enough to be in our program yet.  There were families that helped pass out Christmas dinner for the homeless.  I'm so proud at church when I see our young teen-age girls sit with a mother who's husband is out of town, to help with the kids.

Years ago, when my children were in middle school and high school, I heard about a program where you could buy livestock to help feed a village.  My Mr. B and I bought a cow in our children's name. We wrapped up a plastic cow, along with the paperwork explaining what it was for - and gave it to our kids for Christmas.  My 34-year-old daughter still thinks that was the best present.

Hopefully we won't wait until next December to Be the Light or Light the World, but will continue to look for opportunities to make 2018 the brightest year yet.


  1. So great to be surrounded by such good people! I've heard of gifting animals - is that still a thing?


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