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3 Universal Laws of Home CPR

January 15, 2018

How often do you de-junk, clear the clutter, perform Home CPR throughout only to find within 6 months it needs to be done again?  You thought it was a one-time effort.  Who has the time to keep redoing the same thing once, twice, three times or more?  No one.  Is it worth it?  For your brain's sanity, yes!  Understanding a few universal laws about CPR can keep your clutter busting to a minimum.

You might be thinking, "I didn't know the Universe had laws about keeping a home orderly."  We all know about the Law of Gravity and Inertia - objects drop and remain at rest unless acted upon by an external force.  It's very prevalent with menfolk during football season. 

In order for the Universe - the home - to run more orderly, there are laws we can apply as well.  Why universal?  They are constant and true across the board in all situations.

1.  A place for everything, and everything in its place.

No doubt you have heard this one before, probably from your mother.  It's just common sense when you want to minimize chaos.  Looking for lost socks, misplaced homework, or important papers raises the blood pressure and fuels irrational behavior.  Have you ever looked for something - didn't find it - and then went back to search in the same place again?  More than once?  I have.  I know you have, too.  Crazy, right?

The goal:  Know right where something is stored or filed.
The solution:  Store like things together and have a routine for keeping things picked up and returned to their "home".

2.  Every empty space must be filled.

What?  "I thought I was supposed to de-junk and clear the clutter.  Create more space."  True.  The first step is to decide what is essential - especially if space is limited - and let go of the rest.  What happened when you did and there were open spots left on a shelf?  How long before somehow that emptiness got filled up again - with more stuff?  It just happens . . . all the time, over and over. 

The goal:  Organize once and keep it that way. 
The solution:  Use containers, shelf and drawer organizers to both organize and fill the space leaving no room for random stuff to creep in and take up residence.

3.  You can't organize "stuff".

It simply is impossible.  It's not healthy or productive, even if you are living in a mansion.  It might not seem fair; yet if your square footage of living space is a challenge, letting go of clutter is even more critical.  Every time you bring something into your home, your brain needs to catalog it and file it for retrieval.  No wonder we feel so tired when our stuff gets out of control.  Be kind to your brain.  You will want it in your old age.

The goal:  Live peacefully, happily ever after.  
The solution:  Decide what is essential and what you have room for to accomplish Law #1.

I have always thought of homes as having a soul - a happy or sad one based on what happens inside and how they are cared for.  Treat them with love and they will return in kind with peace.

Make your home living space, not storage space.


  1. Thank you for these very thoughtful, true and useful tips and insights!

    1. You're welcome! - I hope they make your organizing simpler and last longer.


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