January: Be Organized

January 04, 2018

Do you have a "word" for the year?  A theme you think about as you set your goals and decide what is most essential.  It's such a great idea!  Here at B&B we take it a month at a time.  It's less overwhelming that way, don't you think?  Maybe it's because my attention span, or resolve, isn't 12 months long.  Are you easily distracted, too, by wonderful ideas?  Last year's Be-Attitudes can be found HERE.

What do you see first when you think of being organized?  Do pictures of an orderly, de-cluttered home pop up?  Or a calm peaceful life because your planner is working?  Laundry is a breeze when those family darlin's actually look at their job charts and earn stickers.  The dinner hour is a sweet time of conversation and laughter.  Life's ebbs and flows are manageable.

You've got this!  Not all at once, of course.  That would be craziness, and we don't do crazy.  We let go of perfectionism, too.  It's a wicked curse.  Don't let in the door or your mind.  

Try the challenge to #live like you're moving.  It's actually a paradigm shift - a way to simplify decisions about what we own.  I started it two years ago.  Join us!

Truth:  We all have different areas of strengths and priorities when it comes to organization.
Universal Truth:  Life runs smoother when there is order in the home and in the mind.

Where will you start?

More to come!


  1. Starting with putting my Christmas decor into storage better organized than when it came out!

    1. Great! It's also a good time to make decisions about any decorations not used this year. I know I had a few, but I'm waiting for a fireplace mantle again.


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