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Create a Sanctuary - a Staycation [series]

February 15, 2018

Of what value is a Haven if there isn't a time and place to unwind and rejuvenate your mind and spirit.  We charge our phones every night, right?  It would be unthinkable to skip this routine!  How would we cope?  And yet, we go on day after day not giving ourselves the same consideration, running on empty while expecting to perform at our best.  Isn't this a form of insanity?  

Be kind:  to yourself.

In this series, Create a Haven, we're focusing on the heart of the home, making our vision a reality, and creating a safe place to grow and feel loved.

How many times have you come home from a vacation only to feel you need a few days to recuperate?  Isn't that what getaways are for!  We think a change of pace or scenery will some how recharge our batteries.  I know I do sometimes.  Funny thing, though - you get back and the house still needs to be cleaned; luggage needs to be unpacked and clothes washed; to-do's and homework are impatiently waiting.  It can be a real downer.

Consider this:  

Don't get me wrong.  Vacations are a great way to create fond memories with family and friends - we already scheduled a family one and a girl trip for this year.  Have you found a sweet spot of how many days is just right before it becomes tiresome or you're ready to head home?  

I remember when I used to envy others who had the finances to take cruises.  They seemed to be tapped in to some elusive source of happiness.  After Mr. B and I took our first cruise - on the company dime (which is always more fun) - I realized I didn't need to get away to be happy.  I actually love spending time in my home and creating beauty there.  

Consider this:  Invest in a sanctuary you can enjoy 365 days a year - at home.

A bed-and-breakfast is romantic and can be good for the marriage, yet it isn't always possible on a tiny dime.  What love language does your bedroom speak?  We don't have a TV in our bedroom and do spend a little more for soft sheets.  A love seat is frequently used for reading.  We're on the verge of creating a room for Mr. B's man-cave and a she-shed for me.  (I'm getting a little tired of the deer motif.)  Stay tuned!

Create a small space where you can go every day to relax and rewind, a place where you can retreat in solitude and be alone with your thoughts.  What it looks like depends on what brings you joy - artwork, travel trinkets or sayings and phrases?  For me it's a comfy place to read a book, drenched in sunlight.

A sanctuary doesn't need to be elaborate -
a corner will do.

Spending time each day to plug-in and recharge is vital to reducing stress and staying our best.  We give ourselves a gift when we can gather inspiration from within the four walls we call home.  Go out and do good things; return for refreshment.

Lock your door and put out this Printable.

Thanks for stopping by.  I enjoy your good company.


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