March: Be Balanced

March 03, 2018

Sometimes we try to run so fast that we may forget 
where we are going and why we are running.
- David A. Bednar

As I was recently sorting through some closet contents, my mother's journals surfaced.  Several with minimal entries.  You know how it is.  A new year starts or a new determination is ignited to try once again a long lost goal.  My mother writes in rich detail, and we're grateful for any snippet of her life.  Sometimes I will find a favorite quote written on a piece of paper anchored in the the fold of the journal.  This time she had written, "She is firmly against a rush-rush lifestyle, and she espouses doing half as much in twice the time!  And this one, "Don't just do something, sit there!"

I love them both.  

Are you living the rush-rush life, but getting nowhere fast?  People often miss their share of happiness, not because they didn't find it, but because they didn't stop long enough to enjoy it.  In an effort to do it all, they suffer from indecision.  It might not be today or tomorrow, but nature will always let you know when your universe is off kilter, and something must be done to make "everything right with the world" again.

At a pivotal point in time I was feeling, "Wow, look at me!  I'm finally one of those Super Moms who can run fast and soar high and juggle several things at a time.

The key is to know which plates to pick up, what to put on them, and how many to juggle.  If they start to fall, things can get messy and people get hurt.  Maybe you're like me and get distracted by pretty, shiny objects - endeavors I think are important only to realize later they diverted my eyes from the essentials and left me tired.

This month examine your life to see where you are "out of round".  Maybe a little more balance with eating habits?  I refuse to give up bread, and yet I'm sure I can make adjustments.  Have you heard of Intuitive eating?  Wait for hunger cues from the body, eat until politely full, and then stop.  The first time I tried it, my cue didn't show up until 2:00 in the afternoon!  Does that say something about how much I ate the day before?

How do you balance your productive and play times?  Is there a daily allowance for relaxing and rewinding?  Where's your sanctuary?

Reading for leisure has saved me twice from mental ruins.  Life was stressful and out of my control.  I remember asking, "Self, what was something you used to enjoy?"  Reading.  I joined a book club and a delicious world opened up and swallowed me whole.  It allowed travels to new destinations - diversions to quiet my mind.

Beginning this year I realized it had been far too many years since I sat down for the simple pleasure of reading.  Sometimes there are just so many self-help, uplifting books a person can read until it becomes an imbalance.  I didn't have to ask the question this time - I already knew the quickest way to unwind my mind.  Amazing how fast it works, too.  Fifty pages every day and all is right with the world.  What is your fast-track to sanity?   

There will undoubtedly be seasons of imbalance.  The term "balance" doesn't suggest we give equal time to every part of our lives.  Instead, we can achieve it through the proper blend of each - a harmonious flow - to provide a time to pause and breathe in each moment.  Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

Ultimately, time is all you have 

and the idea isn't to save it 

but to savor it.

- Ellen Goodman


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