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21 Reasons you can't Clear the Clutter in 21 Days

April 19, 2018

Our 2018 Challenge is "Live like you're moving."  Clear the clutter, be intentional, and live an essential life.  What that picture looks like is different for everyone.  How does a simple idea become so complicated?  Because life gets messy.

Pinterest pinners would have you believe it can be done in a snap.

"Clear the Clutter in your Home - in less than a day"
"6 Day Clear the Clutter Challenge"
"How to Plan a Weekend Purge"
"How to have a 10-day De-clutter-a-thon (only 15-30 minutes a day)"
"7 Days to a Dramatically Decluttered Home"
"40 Fast Ways to Clear the Clutter"
"How to Declutter your House in One Weekend - or less!"
"Declutter your House in 1 Month"

My head is spinning.

I've been doing this for over a year and I'm on the last leg of the stretch now.  Is it because I'm too slow like the tortoise?  He did win the race, right?

Don't pretend to be the Hare.  We know what happened to him.
Here are 21 reasons you can't clear the clutter super fast:

  • Simply put - it takes time.  
  • Snippets take a while to add up.
  • It looks worse before it looks fabulous.
  • I get distracted watching Fixer Upper.
  • I can't throw out that 1995 Thanksgiving issue of Southern Living.  I really am going to try those recipes.
  • Save that December 2000 issue of Southern Living.  I want to make that cake.
  • Do I seriously need ALL the costumes in that HUGE tote?  Isn't it time to let go of the clown suit?  Clowns are creepy now.

  • It requires a plan.
  • That means stopping the sawing to sharpen the saw.
  • Commitment is involved.
  • Consistency is challenged.
  • Procrastination is easier.
  • Cleaned out the pantry, but why doesn't it look like the picture in Good Housekeeping.
  • Planning, making lists - but now my lists have lists.  Is that the same as procrastination?

  • Stirring up the dust can also stir up memories and stress.
  • Reading old letters and journals requires a lazy afternoon.
  • Choices must be made.
  • But my mom gave me that leather skirt - 30 years ago.
  • My mom knitted those sweater vests - 40 years ago.
  • My mom gave me those super cool 60's dresses.
  • My daughter's daughter may want to wear her mom's prom dress one day.  (Daughter isn't even planning on children at this time, but that could change, right?)

Reasons to take the Home CPR Challenge(view a list of previous posts)
  • Less stress
  • Less stuffing
  • Less looking
  • More peace
  • More energy
  • More space
  • More living

The goal is to be consistent and work smarter, not harder.  Who has the time to keep repeating an overhaul?  Successful Home CPR efforts should yield a lasting result - organization that will stay in place for years with only minor tweaks or revisions.  A life worth living is one worth creating.

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