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CPR Hacks for the Master Closet

May 23, 2018

In my forever home I would have a dreamy walk-in closet.  Pretty color scheme, drawers and shelves, a place to sit and lots of light.  However, Mr B and I aren't living in our forever home.  On second thought we have lived at our current address for nearly 30 years.  Does that qualify as forever in a real estate market?  

We have a good sized walk-in closet, practical not pretty . . . yet, so I go to Pinterest for dreaming.

The CPR challenge this month is making the most of the master bedroom closet.  The Be-Attitude for May, Be Decisive, pairs with it nicely as there are many decisions to make in clearing the clutter in a closet, especially if the space is small.  You can view our "before and after" master closet clutter binge HERE and the guidelines we followed HERE.  The great thing is it still looks neat and tidy after a year.  The goal of efforts spent organizing, right?

My wardrobe isn't very big.  I own a couple of purses, a hand full of shoes with mix and match clothes.  If you have more, then take a peek at some fun organizational hacks.
Pant hangers keep floppy boots in shape.

S hooks are great for hanging your jeans.

File your flip flops with magazine holders.

A clothes hanger keeps scarves neat and accessible.
Function and design - Tension rods display your shoes.

Avoid unsightly hanger humps.  The how-to HERE


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