#Smile 365

May Smiles [Top Ten]

May 30, 2018

Did you smile this month?

1.  Mother's day dinner with my Marrieds and grandkiddos
2.  Plane and road trip with friends to see church history sites in IL, MO, and NB
3.  Learning about 19th century shoes, bricks, newspapers, horseshoes and wagon wheels
4.  Visiting the Nauvoo, Kansas City and Winter Quarters LDS temples
5.  Learning Mr. B's ancestor had a land plot next to our friend's ancestor - small world
6.  Rain!
7.  Random cute texts from Miss Carlie
8.  Getting out of Dodge - beautiful, peaceful scenery and a shopping trip with my sisters
9.  A 43-day streak on "Duolingo"
10. Vegas Golden Knights winning the first game of Stanley Cup Finals!  #VegasBorn

1.   My Mr. B's birthday.  Now he's as old as me.
2.   Mid-week camping trip with friends.
3.   Swimming in the pool - finally!
4.   A weekend with my kids.
5.   Able to bend, lift, and twist.
6.   Mother's Day with My Mr. B and my boy.
7.   Friends from Utah visiting - and moving back to Florida.
8.   Seminary and High School graduation.
9.   New Beehives coming into Young Women.
10. Planning an Awesome Adventure - stay tuned.


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