#Comfort Cooking

Shrimp Boil

June 05, 2018

Our neighbor was turning a year older and wanted to have a shrimp boil.  So, being neighborly, we invited him over.  But the catch was, he's the expert on shrimp boils, so he had to cook his own birthday dinner.
He didn't seem to mind.  Brought his own GIANT pot and went to work fixing our (his) meal.

Got some pictures of the ladies patiently waiting.  I think My Mr. B and the other guys were talking cars or trucks or some such thing and I didn't get a picture of them.

This is not everything that was in that pot.  Besides the shrimp and corn, there were potatoes and sausage, along with the seasoning bag and cans of green beans and asparagus.  Everyone had already dug in before I could get a picture.


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