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Carpet Be Gone! [Hallway and Bathroom Re-do]

July 16, 2018

This old house of nearly 30 years has had several face lifts.  Mr. B could probably tell you how many times we - he - has repainted the walls.  I tend to be a quick change artist, and he rarely creates a fuss.  

The carpet is methodically being removed.  There's no need to take a picture of it, right?  We all know nastiness when we see it.  The second color was a cream color that was supposed to be a bit darker.  Well, it turned darker after several years of traipsing.  No amount of cleaning could get the traffic patterns out.
Years ago when Mr. B was making our staircase, he extended the hallway nook out to create more space - what a difference it made!

"Before" bathroom . . . you can't see how dirty this floor can get.
It was disgusting.
I recently added my go-to Revere Pewter to the walls.

When discussing the floor options, Mr. B said, "We're not changing out the bathroom tile."
"It will create a better flow, and besides, it's gross and you know it."

The Challenge:
What kind of flooring?

Upstairs floors are typically carpet or wood.  Carpet in the hallway?  NO.  

We put wood in the two upstairs bedrooms on the right, but it would have been tricky to match it up through the hall to the wood railing base with its jogs and angles.  Mr. B is handy, but he doesn't have the time and energy he used to.

Sooo, glad we chose tile.  You never know what you will find during a renovation project.  Our sub-floor wasn't level - something the builder wasn't concerned about with carpet going over it, yet critical for tile.

The porcelain tile planks downstairs are a used wood look with too much movement to blend in with the bathroom shower tile.  I picked a gray linen look porcelain 12 x 24 plank.  Worried it might look like a hallway of concrete, these beautiful, soft runners were found at Target.

Loving the new floor of the bathroom.
Re-doing the cabinet is up next on the to-do list, plus some accessorizing.  I was going to use chalk paint, but now I've decided to paint it a color.  Pinterest makes it look easy enough, right?

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  1. Love the change! You have such a good eye for color and design!


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