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Crafts and Scraps [CPR Printable]

July 02, 2018

You've heard it before, "Creative minds are seldom tidy."

Is it true for you?  Does your creativity flow in an atmosphere of loose lines, bordering on chaos?  You know where everything is, right?  Most of the time?  

How many unfinished projects are still tucked away and haven't seen daylight for decades?  What started as fun project is now a reminder of an unfulfilled dream or yet again, procrastination.  

This month the challenge is to do any of the following: 
  • make decisions about the craft supplies you still have
  • organize a craft drawer, shelf or closet
  • finish a project
  • explore a new creative venture
Pinterest to the rescue!

Wouldn't it be great to have sewing thread organized all pretty like this . . . and tole paints arranged for easy access?  And bins of fabric all grouped together.  Orderly AND inspiring! No more wasting time rummaging around for just the thing you need.

Check out this colorful and organized craft room makeover with a giant pegboard and get inspired by dozens more craft rooms!
Do you have the space for a craft room?  Maybe it's a closet, a drawer or shelf.  Is this a season of your life when you have time for creative hobbies?

I used to scrapbook, tole paint, needlepoint, cross stitch, pen and ink, sew, tie quilts, make porcelain dolls and now am left with remnants of all of them.  It was great fun and satisfying.  

I dream of this:

Tour this organized craft room and several others as part of a craft room tours series! If you have a craft studio, this post is for you!

And this:

This is my reality now.

Hobbies that have been reduced to a few drawers.  There are still spools of thread and paints to organize.  Chances are some of those paints are dried up.  Do you ever feel your creative juices are drying up as well?  

Spend some time this month considering what makes you feel energized and at peace simultaneously.  We would love to see what you do!

Download the Challenge Printable HERE

Image credit:
unsplash-logoKhara Woods


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