Are you keeping up with the Challenge?

August 07, 2018

How many of you have been able to keep up with Bailey this year?  Live like you're moving? Really!?  When she first suggested that I thought she meant like, get moving, exercise, get off your butt.  Then I figured out what it meant.  Clean things up.  Downsize.  Eliminate clutter.

I sent her a text earlier this year to tell her that I had cleaned my office/craft room.  I hauled bags, big bags of stuff out of there.  It was so neat and clean and organized.  I knew where everything was. Needless to say, I was very proud of myself.  Bailey suggested I save the pictures and post about that until we get to that space in the blog.

Well, I can make a mess.  Usually when I'm preparing a Sunday lesson, paying bills, writing a blog post, even just reading - I can make a mess.  So although this room was clean and organized months ago, it doesn't stay that way.

Remember when we were working on the pantry?  I cleaned my pantry out - THREE TIMES!  I organized the dishes and other things in the pantry in the laundry room.  Then I was laying in bed that night and thought to myself, "Wait, I want things organized another way!"   I cleaned out my spice rack, I thought.  But then upon close inspection weeks later, I found spices that had expired.

I learn things by seeing, hearing and then doing.  In other words, I need pictures to follow.

I buy these books for the pictures.  Can my bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc., really look like that?

Isn't this pantry beautiful?  No, it's not mine, but I can dream.

Today I decided to start small.  I have cleaned and organized my laundry room so many times, but today I tackled the rag drawer.

I gave My Mr. B a big bag of rags.  Told him to use them and throw them away after they were used. I don't want to wash things that have grease and paint on them.  He was so happy to have that bag.   He said, "This is just like Christmas!"  So I accomplished two things today.  Cleaned out a drawer and made My Mr. B happy.

So even if you can't keep up - can I tell you how many times I have cleaned and organized my laundry room - just keep plugging along.  But can I tell you - WE ARE NEVER EVER EVER EVER MOVING!!!


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