August: Be Adventurous

August 10, 2018

Have you ever wished you could be more adventurous? 

I know I have.

Several years ago My Mr. B and I went on an Alaskan Cruise.  At each port we met young people, high school and college age, that had come to Alaska to work for the summer tourist season.  They were not only from the U.S., but from other countries.  We found some of the same kind of adventurous youth when we went on a Mediterranean Cruise and even in Wall, South Dakota during a family trip.

Guess what I did with my summers all those years ago.  Worked at Woolworths in my small hometown in Montana.  The big adventure for me was the summers I worked at the drive-in theatre at night.

I looked online for some adventurous ideas.  Some of you may be in interested in these:
     1.  Cliff jumping
     2.  Shark diving
     3.  Volcano trekking
     4.  Cave diving
     5.  Portaledge camping - Climbers rely on hanging tent systems to sleep on a sheer cliff face
That's just 5 of 50 or more ideas.  If you try any of those let me know.  I won't be doing a single one of them.

I was getting a little discouraged, thinking my adventurous days are long gone - or I never had an adventurous bone in my body, if I have to do any of the above things to prove something.

Then I looked up the word adventurous in the dictionary.  You know me, I like to know what I'm talking about.  Adventurous means willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences.  Maybe I can be adventurous!!

Annie Andre had 101 suggestions on her blog.  Here are some I think will make me adventurous:
    1.   Cook a recipe you've never cooked before
    2.   Try a food you've never tried before
    3.   Volunteer
    4.   Write a love letter to someone you love
    5.   Eat pancakes for dinner and pizza for breakfast
    6.   Learn to sign
    7.   Change your look - hair style, hair color, etc.
    8.   Learn to dance a certain style:  belly dancing, salsa, swing, hip hop - you choose
    9.   Go camping
   10.  Downsize and sell things you no longer need - this may be Bailey's favorite
   11.  Start a Blog about something you are passionate about

You are never too old . . .  So here is your challenge:  Try something new or different.  Let me know about any other ideas you come up with.  Maybe I will try them.


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