#Smile 365

August Smiles [Top Ten]

August 29, 2018

1.   Giving away a Cuddle + Kind doll
2.   Surprise!  Selling our home
3.   Tender mercies all month!
4.   Found a lovely new home in 10 days
5.   Sold our home in 1 day
6.   Sweet last family dinner/swim party in our forever home of 28 years
7.   Mr B and I escaped Las Vegas heat with a camping trip w my sister and her Hub
8.   Being released as President of my church's women's organization
9.   Deep and humble Gratitude for blessings made manifest
10. PS:  136 day- streak on Duo Lingo

1.   Jessa's third birthday party
2.   A great massage (Do I say that every month?)
3.   A great facial (I feel a theme going on here)
4.   Dinner with girlfriends
5.   A weekend getaway with friends
6.   New Beehives
7.   New mask and snorkel
8.   Scalloping with friends and family
9.   A lazy day by the pool
10. A new bed made by My Mr. B

Image credit: unsplash-logoMantas Hesthaven


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