Learning to be Adventurous

September 25, 2018

We've taken many a walk around the neighborhood, Mr B and I.  Who knew a casual stroll on an ordinary Sunday night would turn our world upside down and create an unstoppable chain of events.  Certainly not me, yet I embraced the adventure as it took on a life of its own.

Adventurous isn't a word ever used to describe me.  Patient, kind, organized, calm, helpful - perhaps, yet never adventurous.  I'm a homebody and love making our home a haven.  For the last two years there have been updates to kitchen cabinets, floors, bedrooms, bathrooms and fireplace . . . "So, if we decide to sell quickly, we can."  I'm not one to fix up a house for someone else.  Why would you do that and not have the time to enjoy it?

Sunday evening, July 29th, after our stroll, I randomly brought up the topic of moving.
Mr B:  "It will be 4-5 years before I retire."
Self:  "You mean we can't move until then?  What if the neighborhood goes downhill?"
Mr B gets out his paper to do some finance figuring.  "If we sell today this is how much we have to work with."
Self:  "What?  What would be able to find for that?"  Now I'm starting to feel a little depressed.  I always like to have choices.

Nevertheless, I'm on a mission and the search begins, high and low - or somewhere in-between.  Those master planned communities sure do look nice, but Mr B is adamant about having enough back yard for our grand kids to run around.  Of course.  And we must have a true 3-car garage because we actually park our cars in there.  Definitely.  After spending time and money updating our home, the thought of buying an existing home and starting over nauseated me.

I started a list of all things big and small for the ideal sale of our home.  It's not so much about the new home, but about our forever home of 28 years we will be leaving.  Our heart and soul went into it and we want to turn it over to good, loving hands.

Ten days later we found a new home, a new build just waiting for us with a discounted price for the closing of their fiscal year.  Surprise!  When we went to secure the lot, the price had been discounted even more and came with all the upgrades.  Score!  The only stipulation was it needed to close by the end of September.  I wasn't worried.  I had my list.

For three days a flood of people came to see our home.  Our tile guy said he overheard a woman telling her friend, "Look at all the pantry space!  I'm so jealous."  Are you wondering why a tile guy was there?  Because we had a dickens of a time getting our fireplace mantle done and in place until the last minute!  

We accepted the offer from the first day.  Done and done.  A wonderful family with 2 small children.  With their offer they included a picture of themselves and a lovely note telling how they felt in our home and the love they would give it.   

Our youngest was 2 when we moved in and now we have 7 grandchildren.  All the growing years happened here.  

It's hard to say good-bye.  How do you leave your forever home?  There should be a ceremony or something, right?  We had a Last Supper and swim party before the dismantling and packing began.  I had a few quiet moments alone before I left and turned over the keys - feeling grateful for this home's years of service.

We've had good times and sad times, and this beautiful home will begin it's own new adventure.  I'm happy for it and the new family.

Oddly enough, I'm not really adventurous, yet I am spontaneous.  Everything happened in 4 weeks.  Mr B nearly had an anxiety attack.  With calmness I watched in amazement as each item on my prayer list was checked off.  There is no other way to explain this move but by divine design.  Many tender mercies unfolded and I say Thank You, over and over again.  

Our new adventures begin here on Winstar Street.  We love it already.
P.S.  This picture was taken before they painted the front door and window shutters a burnt orange.!  Isn't orange the new black?



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