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Live like you're moving [Lessons Learned]

October 05, 2018

Our first year of marriage, Mr B and I moved 3 times . . . our first residence in Utah was for 3 months.  Then to an apartment in Las Vegas for 4 months.  Lastly a duplex in Arizona.  Our sum total of possessions could fit on top of the car and in a small hauling trailer.  

The first home we purchased was during our "Camelot" years.  A perfect time of life.  The children were still little, friends up and down the street, a school nearby, money in the bank.  Five years later we moved to our "forever" home.  Loved it and it loved us back for 28 years.  We also accumulated a few more possessions along the way.  Not to mention lawn, pool, and garden tools.  Our 3-car garage still housed our cars, though.  Priority one.  

Mr. B grew up moving about every two years; and when your parents lived a lot on less, they had it down to a science.  Consequently, he doesn't get too attached to homes like I do.  The first time I moved was when I went away to college.  I learned roots run deep and homes have souls.

Two years ago we began updating our home, again, after the Tuscan era was fading out to make room for the farmhouse trends.  I grew up on a small ranch, and my mother never wanted it to look like a farmhouse.  She wonders why anyone would ever choose hard wood floors over soft carpet.  Now her decorating style is called mid-century modern and it's hip to be cool.

My mantra for the last couple years has been "live like you're moving".  I wasn't planning on packing up in 4 weeks, but thought clearing the clutter was a good idea in case we wanted to quickly.  Every nook and cranny, closet and drawers, under the beds and through the garage were de-junked with the question . . . If we were moving, would we take or need this?

Can I tell you - I'm sooo glad I did!

And I learned a thing or two:
  • No matter how prepared you are, moving is physically demanding and not for the faint of heart.  Gear up for it - eat and sleep right, stay hydrated.
  • De-junking ahead of time reduces a lot of emotional stress.  The items being packed have passed the keeper test.  Family members know their most wanted items are going with them.  
  • Starting early cuts down on mental stress.  Decisions have already been made and the packing can begin.  No more, "I'll organize all this stuff when I get to the new place." or "I'll dejunk then after I see how much space I have.
  • Performing Home CPR regularly translates to less money spent on boxes and packing materials.  More trips to Lowes.  It adds up!  Luckily the timing was great for my son to be moving to a new home as well.  Every day we would cart over a load of empty boxes and plop them in his garage.  Mr. B loved doing that.
  • Clearing the clutter gave me time and space to enjoy the beauty of my home.  How many times do people fix up their house right before they get ready to sell?  Even though there were some last minute painting projects and an unfinished fireplace waiting and waiting, we got the emotional value out of our home.
  • Living an essential lifestyle works.  After all the unpacking and putting things away, I found a place for everything and still have 2 empty drawers in my new kitchen!
Live like you're moving.  You will be glad you did - even if you don't move.

P.S.   The whole experience was easier, for me, because I had a scheduled girl trip planned for the weekend of the move.  Mr. B is 28 years older than the last time and it nearly did him in.

Image credit: Belinda Fewings


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