#Smile 365

October Smiles [Top Ten]

October 31, 2018

1.   Embracing the colors of Autumn
2.   Viewing serene sunrises
3.   Listening to a Prophet's voice
4.   Hearing the laughter of grandchildren
5.   Finding 2 empty drawers in my kitchen
6.   Remembering to use my gift cards
7.   Baking for new friends
8.   Moving my son's family into their beautiful "forever home"
9.   Swapping furniture with my daughter-in-law
10. Receiving a compliment, "How is it you look younger every time I see you!"

1.   Listening to a Prophet's voice
2.   Visiting our daughter and her husband in Seattle
3.   Spending time with our niece and her family
4.   Celebrating Della's birthday
5    Oslo saying, "Aunt Dene, it seems when you are here the food is better!'
6.   Planning a trip with a friend
7.   No damage from the hurricane - but my heart breaks for those that live 50 miles east of us
8.   A day at the beach - in October!
9.   Sunday family dinner - always
10.  Dancing with the Stars, Juniors


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