November: Be Glad

November 05, 2018

I don't remember when or why I started playing the "Glad Game", only that it has become second nature to look for the positive in any situation.  Pollyanna taught me to seek a silver lining in the darkest clouds.  So many times I could let myself deflate because of less than perfect things in life, only to hear of someone whose challenges far exceed my own.  It isn't a feeling of, Whew! Sure glad that isn't me, and more a perspective on living.  We care, we sympathize and empathize knowing at any given time events can change our world.  Looking for the good and learning to be glad will sometimes be the only way around or through a difficult time.
Pollyanna received some crutches from the missionaries instead of a much longed for doll.  Her father said . . .

"Be glad."
"What's there to be glad about?'
"Be glad you don't need them."

November is a time to focus on things we are grateful for, blessings and goodness in our lives.  The difference between being glad and being grateful is a subtle one.  Look for it this month.  Can you find blessings in disguise?  Write them down - you will be glad you did.


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